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Richelieu Class Battleship
Developed quickly to meet the Italian threat, these ships were a good match for their Italian counterparts.  Not yet complete at the armistice, they never really had a chance to show their capabilities to the full.

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Dunkerque Class Battlecruiser
Designed to hunt down and kill the German pocket battleships, these ships were superior in every respect (size, speed, armour and armament).

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Aircraft Carriers

None available


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Le Hardi Class Destroyer
France's most modern destroyer, these ships were still being completed when the armistice was signed in 1940.  Rapid commissioning saw them move to North Africa to escape the advancing Germans, and they were scuttled in 1942 to avoid capture.


None available
Small Craft

Fast Attack Boats
The French developed their first boats from British World War One boats, but continually experimented and adapted the designs until, just before the start of the Second World War, they had developed a design that satisfied their needs.  Unfortunately the war began before most of the planned boats had been laid down, and they never had a chance to show their capabilities.  The characteristics of the French-designed boats were defined by their stepped hull form very fast in calm water, but not suited to operations in moderate or severe weather.


Other Ships
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