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King George V Class
Despite some shortcomings, these ships gave magnificent service and had a profound influence on the war: the Prince of Wales caused the damage that caused the Bismarck sortie to be aborted, the King George V helped destroy the Bismarck in the final engagement, and the Duke of York caused the damage that forced the Scharnhorst to slow and be caught.

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Aircraft Carriers

Ark Royal
The Ark Royal was one of Britain's most important warships.  Although she and her aircraft achieved many 'firsts' (including the first British air-to-air victory of the war, and the first sinking of a major warship by aircraft in wartime), her contribution can more clearly be seen by the fact that no ship reached Malta from the Western end of the Mediterranean for more than six months after she was lost.

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Town Class Light Cruiser
In action throughout the war, four of these ten ships were lost.  One ship survives, HMS Belfast, moored in the Thames in London as a museum ship.

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J-Class Destroyer
Only two of the eight J-Class ships survived the war, however despite these heavy losses it was generally accepted that the design was sound. These ships formed the basis for the 'emergency' ships that followed, and a total of 124 ships entered service as variations on the J class design.

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Small Craft

Fairmile Type B Motor Launch
These kit-boats were built and operated all over the world, primarily as coastal defence boats.  Their moment of glory came when they formed the bulk of the boats in the raid on St Naziere.

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Vosper 70' Motor Torpedo Boat
Developed with private money, these small attack boats could make up to 42 knots and carried twin torpedoes for sinking large enemy ships. Over 300 were built in the UK and the USA, many of which were shipped to Russia.

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Other Ships
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