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British Ships

Latest Addition: J-Class Destroyer.  Perhaps the most important British destroyer design of the war, this ship formed the foundation of the 'War Emergency' program.  124 ships entered service based on this type, they served all over the world and were operated by the Australian, Canadian, Netherlands, Norwegian and Polish navies, as well as the British. Read more...

German Ships

Latest Addition: 1934-type Destroyer (Z1-Class).  These were the first destroyers built by Germany after the first world war, and also the most numerous type.  Designed to make up for inferior numbers by having individually superior ships, these were larger than contemporary British and French vessels. Read more...

French Ships

Latest Addition: Fast Attack Boats. Just before the start of the Second World War, the French had developed a design that satisfied their needs.  Unfortunately the war began before most of the planned boats had been laid down, and they never had a chance to show their capabilities.  The French boats were extremely fast in calm water, and armed with 20-mm guns and two torpedoes. Read more...

American Ships

Latest Addition: The Liberty Ships.  Built to meet an urgent need for ships, this versatile design came in three types - general cargo, tanker and collier - but was also converted in to repair ships, hospital ships, troop carriers, and tank transporters. A staggering 2,710 entered service, and 200 were lost due to enemy action. Read more...

Italian Ships

Latest Addition: Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships.  The first Italian battleships to be laid down after the First World War, their 15-inch guns were better than the 16-inch guns of other navies.  The ships had few design weaknesses, although the lack of adequate damage control equipment almost led to the loss of the Vittorio Veneto in 1941. Ship Data...

Japanese Ships

Latest Addition: Mogami Class Cruiser.  These were the first cruisers to be designed by Japan in accordance with the 1930 London Naval Treaty. They were 'light' cruisers initially, but were up-gunned to 'heavy' cruisers once the 1930 London Treaty lapsed. Ship Data...


Latest Addition: The Tripartite Pact. The Tripartite Pact formalised an agreement between Germany, Italy and Japan not to interfere in each other's sphere of influence.  The act defined Asia as the Japanese area and Europe as the European area, agreeing to unspecified cooperation, and agreeing mutual defence in the event of attack. Read full text...

Ships of Other Nations

None available.

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